Third Grade - Mrs. Sykes

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Religion Book: Loyola Christ Our Life

Prayers: Know the Apostles'  Creed and the prayers of the rosary. Know the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Write daily in a prayer journal.
Third Graders go to weekly Adoration on Thursday at Church.
Attend monthly First Friday Masses and Masses on Holy Days.

Learn about God's Kingdom of Love through study of the sacraments and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Experience the traditions of the church year with a special focus on the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

Learn first hand about a Patron Saint by role playing with a dramatic presentation and saint report for "SAINTS ALIVE"Saints Alive 2014

Boy with Math Book

Math: Envision Math

Students will use a textbook, worksheets,and manipulatives.
This math program in 3th grade focuses on these different content areas; Numbers & Operations, Algebra & Geometry Connections, Data Analysis, Measurement and Problem Solving.

S.R.A. Math kit:

Supplemental individualized math reinforcement for both review skills and enrichment challenges for students to utilize as needed.

Reading: McGraw Hill text books and workbook, S.R.A. Reading Lab.

Grade 3 instructs reading in both whole group and small groups.
Strategies for decoding, vocabulary recognition, comprehension, and oral fluency skills are taught and assessed.
The goal is to help students enjoy reading and focus on reading to learn.

Supplement: S.R.A.

Individualized, Indendent Reading Program

Monthy book reports/projects for different reading genres:
Historical fiction, mystery fiction, adventure fiction, biography non-fiction, science related non-fiction, poetry, and seasonal.

Read Aloud Program

Grade 3 enjoys the weekly visit of a retired reading teacher volunteer, Mrs. Gwizd. She reads a classic book aloud to the children once a week for 30 minutes.

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies

Grade 3 and Grade 7 join monthly for reading buddy activities and sharing.
Occasionally Grade 3 will read or share their written creative stories with 1st grade.

English: Voyages in English Textbook, McGraw Hill Workbook

Written Expression:

Begin to learn the process skills; Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish for the different forms of writing; Persuasive, Narrative, Descriptive and Expository based on the 6 traits of writing; Focus/Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentences, Conventions; Maintain a Writing Traits Portfolio and a Daily Journal

Supplement: Participate in "The Great Mail Race," a pen pal letter writing program with other 3rd grade Catholic Schools.

Spelling: S.R.A. McGraw-Hill

Strategies for spelling taught through sorting spelling patterns, spelling words in context, building spelling vocabulary, proofreading and writing.

Social Studies: McGraw-Hill, Communities Textbook, and Nystrom Maps and Globes Geography Series.


In addition to an extensive Maps and Globes Geography Unit using both Textbook and Geography series, the students learn about and explore the 3 different types of communities, rural, suburban, and urban through the study of the following communities: Old Saybrook and Hartford, Ct., Mexico City, Native American Communities (ancient tribe of the Anasazi and Ct. Woodland Native Americans) English Colony at Jamestown, Spanish Mission in San Francisco, and Building a Government in Washington D.C.


Learn Science by using Saxon Student Booklets, Teacher created Units, Field Trips and   Science Lab


Use the Saxon Hands-On Kits to study the following: Exploring Our Solar System, Investigating Elements and Compounds, Observing Physical Changes, Investigating Changes in Our Atmosphere, Exploring the Earth's Structure Examining the Structure and Function of  Parts of Seed Plants, Investigating Amphibians and Reptiles

Cursive: Zaner Bloser Handwriting Program.

Grade 3 cursive is taught using the Zaner Bloser guidelines.