Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - October 2, 2019

Dear Parents,

St. Frances de Sales notes,”A living faith produces the fruit of good works in all seasons. When we are open to the truths of God’s word, we live according to God’s love and not nature.  Thus, our faith in divine love raises us up to unite our spirit with God, and it brings us to love the image of God in our neighbor. 

An attentive servant must show unconquerable faith in our Savior, especially in the midst of interior and exterior troubles.  We must never lose courage in helping those who refuse God’s love, but pray and help them as far as their misfortune permits.  Let us use all possible remedies to prevent the birth, growth and domination of evilness.  In this, let us imitate our Lord, who never ceases to exhort, promise, prohibit, command and inspire us in order to turn our will away from evilness, without depriving our will of its liberty.

Yet, we must not look for surpassingly perfect love in this life.  Our progress in holy love is like the mythical bird called the phoenix.  When newly hatched from ashes, it has little, tender feathers, and can only leap rather than fly.  As it grows strong, it soars freely in the air, but not enough to remain long on the wing and often comes down to earth to rest.  When it is perfectly renewed in spirit and strength, it remains on the mountaintop.  In heaven, we shall indeed have a heart and spirit entirely free from contradictions and conflicts.  As yet, we have neither the spirit nor strength of the blessed.  It is enough for us to love with all our heart, which means simply to love with a good heart and without reservation.  Courage then!  Let us rouse our faith again, and give it life through using the gifts God gave us to perform good works with holy love, since this is in our power.”  

God Bless

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