Principal Weekly Letter

Message from the Principal - February 13, 2019

Dear Parents,

Sunday’s Gospel speaks of poverty. This voluntary poverty is not optional, nor a counsel reserved for some who want to behave like heroes or be better than the others. It is what characterizes the Christian: “Any of you who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple” (Lk 14:33).

Poor in the evangelical sense is a person who does not possess anything for himself, who gives up worshipping money, refuses the selfish use of their time, of their intellectual abilities, social position, etc. He is one who is similar to the Father in heaven who, while possessing all, is infinitely poor because he does not keep anything for himself; he is the total gift.

The ideal of the Christian is not poverty, but a world of evangelical poor, a world where no one accumulates for oneself, no one squanders, and each puts at the brothers’ disposition everything he has received from God. “Blessed are you poor!” is not a message of resignation, but of hope, hope in a new world where no one is in need (Acts 4:34).

True disciples are blessed because we understand that human life does not depend on the goods we possess and, not having the heart tied to “money,” they can also open it to salvation that goes beyond this world. 

Please be reminded that I will be making my annual eight-day retreat beginning Friday evening. I will be away all next week and will not be available by phone, e-mail or text. Please be assured I will be praying for each of you and your families, and I ask you to pray for us.

God bless you.


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