Parent Education Workshop Series

St. John School and Mother Elaine are pleased to announce a new Parent Education Workshop Series for 2018/19. All programs are FREE to parents and will take place at St. John School. Advance registration is required. More information or additions to the program will be provided shortly.

Click here to register. Deadline: Friday prior to each seminar date.


  • Thursday, November 8, 2018 @ 6.30-8pm – St. John School Library

Anxiety: The Monster Among Us                                            Alicia Farrell, PHD 

More children than ever seem to be struggling with anxiety. This parent workshop is designed to address why and what we can do about it. Many questions will be answered such as why are there more children struggling with anxiety than past generations, what is the difference between stress and anxiety, what is healthy vs. age appropriate anxiety, is anxiety genetic, environmental  or both, and what specific skills and techniques can you use to help your children become confident and courageous in the face of their anxiety. These topics and more will be discussed by Alicia Farrell, PHD and founder of Clearview Consulting.  

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  • January, 2019 (Date TBA) – St. John School

Education Investment Planning for K-12 & College               Bill Tait, CFP®

It is never too late to establish a financial plan for your child’s education. With the introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, education planning is evolving and changing. Come along to discuss education planning, including the expanded role of 529 plans. There will bean opportunity for open discussion and Q&A at the end of the hour-long session.


  • March, 2019 (Date TBA) – St. John School

Anxiety, Mood, and Behavior Disorders; the Healing Power of Nutrition      

Lisa Hyatt. M.S.,CNS, LDN                                                                                         

Come learn and discuss how the foods we eat are connected to our mental health. You will gain knowledge in understanding how the gut and brain connect, the role of food allergies in mental health, and basic food choices that can contribute to your child’s mental wellness. For more information, visit