Fifth Grade-  Ms. Currier

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•What is Worship?

•Sacraments of Initiation                                              

•Parts of the Mass

•Sacraments of Healing

•Sacraments of Vocation

•Review of Commandments 5-10


Social Studies

•Understanding graphs, diagrams and charts

•Land forms in U.S/Map skills

•American Indians

•How the Europeans discovered, rediscovered, explored and settled the New World

•How the U.S. was discovered, settled, and became a country

•13 colonies 

•Freedom from Britain

•Civil War 

•Current Events



•Master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers

•Make reasonable estimations

•Understand place value

•Read and write decimals 

•Compare, order and round decimals

•Solve word problems

•Understand divisibility rules

•Use the Order of Operations Rule

•Write, compare, order and convert proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers

•Identify prime and composite numbers

•Reduce factors to lowest terms

•Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

•Geometry: line, angles, circles, polygons

•Basic measurements: metric, capacity, mass, perimeter, area




Nancy Larson Science Program

•. Solar system and stars 

•Cells: plants and animals

•Human body systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive and excretory


•STEM Fridays! A variety of activities that encourage students to think, plan, and work with others.


Language Arts

•Reading skills including: vocabulary, drawing conclusions, making inferences. 

•Grammar: parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation

•Spelling and Vocabulary

•Writing paragraphs: three and five paragraph essays including the D.A.R.E Essay Contest.

•Public speaking including: The Modern Woodmen of America School Speech Contest.



Drug Abuse Resistance Education

(In conjunction with the Old Saybrook Police Department)