St. John School Counts Down to this year's Drama Club Production - Princess Whatsername

Mar 29 2018

If you’re looking for an entertaining night out, look no further than St. John School Drama Club's rendition of “Princess Whatsername”.   This is a quirky fairy tale filled with all the characters you remember from your childhood stories. It begins with a lovely princess waking up in the Misty Forest. As with most fairytales, there is a handsome Prince, bravely searching for his princess.  That is where the similarity to a Mother Goose story ends. The Prince encounters many adventures and missteps on his way to find the missing princess.  You might be shocked by the behavior of some rather famous heros and heroines!  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves might be a bit edgier.  Hansel and Gretel might exhibit some unusual habits.  And Rapunzel and Cinderella probably won’t seem as sweet as they once did. 

St. John School Drama Club has taken on a fun filled comedy that the whole community will enjoy.  The role of the prince will be performed by Alexander Schumann.  Alex is excited to be playing a sword fighting, swash-buckling, action leader.   When in costume, he feels transformed into his character.   His female counterpart, the princess, is being played by Olivia Busher.  Olivia has been involved in the Drama Club since 5th Grade.  Olivia’s princess is quite confused most of the time!  She says her character doesn’t quite remember where she came from or where she is going.  Because this is a musical, Olivia gets to sing about her befuddlement.  Eventually, all the mix-ups and puzzles are resolved in the end. 

You will surely enjoy all the fun, hard work, and talent exhibited by these wonderful students.  All the students who have contributed as actors, singers, set painters, and prop people, have made this production worth seeing!  The commitment of all the teachers and students alike has been 100 percent.  Alex recalls Sister Gabriella telling the Drama Club that they must “Eat, Breathe, Live, Drama”!   So make a date for April 5th or 6th at 6:30PM.  See for yourself the dynamic production of “Princess Whatsername”!