Grades 6 & 8 Visit Knights of Columbus Museum - WWI Exhibit

Mar 28 2018

The 6th and 8th Grades recently visited the World War I exhibit at the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven as part of their history curriculum with Grade 6 homeroom and Middle School history teacher, Mr. Pearson. Below are two students accounts of the field trip:

I loved going to the Knights of Columbus Museum to see the World War I exhibit. I got to experience some of the feelings of war. I heard the sounds soldiers heard! I felt the weight that was on their shoulders and what they had to carry around all day. I saw what they had to do when they weren’t fighting. I heard sad stories, happy stories, and interesting battle strategies and what the people did during the war. I learned so much in a short period to time. We talked about how the people raised money for things they needed in war like food, water, clothing and weapons. We talked about how the Knights of Columbus Organization helped people in time of need during the war, and how they build shelters for soldiers. We also learned some interesting facts. I learned the by the end of fundraising for war, they made at least $170 million. Visiting the Knights of Columbus Museum is a wonderful experience to learn about things you didn’t know about World War before. If I could, I would go back again in a heartbeat!
 - Olivia T.
The 6th and 8th Grades visited the Knights of Columbus Museum for a field trip. The exhibit we visited was about WWI and how the Knights of Columbus served the soldiers during the war. Their goal was to raise one million dollars for the troops, but instead they raised three million! The Knights also sent over priests so the soldiers could still celebrate Mass overseas. The priests had their own offices in the trenches so that any soldiers who needed to pray could be able to do so. The Knights also sent supplies to the soldiers, such as miniature books, razors, and hankerschiefs to keep them entertained. They also set up theaters to host Masses and put on plays for the soldiers. Our tour guide told us much about WWI and how the Knights of Columbus helped provide supplies and faith in the war. We had a wonderful experience at the Museum. I wish we could go back!
- Olivia B.


Grade 6 & 8 visit Knights of Columbus World War I Exhibit

Note on Cross behind SJS students in the photo, Cross of the Savior
In 1613, a monumental copper-clad cross was placed in the left arm of the statue of the Savior, sculpted by Braccianese, the central focus at the summit of the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica. In 1985-1986 the Knights of Columbus undertook a collaboration with the Vatican’s Reverenda Fabbrica di San Pietro to restore the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica, under the direction of Archbishop Lino Zanini. In appreciation of the Knights' generosity in funding entirely the cost of this important endeavor and of it’s many apostolic works in support of the church’s mission, His Holiness Pope John Paul II offered this time-honored relic, the Cross of the Savior, as a gift to the Knights of Columbus.