St. John School CSW - Day 3 - Healthy Choice Activities Day! (Day 2 - snow day)

Jan 31 2018

St John students were very excited to start Day 3 of CSW - Healthy Activities Day, especially due to the fact that yesterday’s activities were cancelled due to the unexpected snow day!  This morning, every classroom was filled with exciting, interactive and hands on activities for every grade to enjoy.


In addition, they were able to enjoy these activities with their older and younger “buddies” from other grades. As we all know, St. John School students love the “Buddy Program” where they team together creating an atmosphere of friendship, kindness, and cooperation, all the while having fun! Students played volleyball in the gym, took part in an exercise and dance classes and raced in balloon races and games. STEM skills were required for construction projects along with cup tower challenges! Creativity was enjoyed by all in participating in Mexican bark painting, creating a collage and construction craft projects. Students also enjoyed puzzle building and board games together.


Catholic Schools Week - Day 3


St. John students once again enjoyed and celebrated a wonderful Catholic Schools Day! Tonight all are invited to attend the Boy’s Varsity and Junior Varsity games at SJS gym at 6pm … come cheer on our teams! In addition, the Book Fair will be on. Support SJS by reading! Tomorrow we look forward to CSW Day 4 - Buddy/Appreciation Day and Dress Down/Color Day, reschduled from the snow day on Tuesday.