SJS Students Salute and Thank our Active Service Members & Veterans!

Nov 10 2017

On Veteran’s Day, St. John School students once again honored the men and women who have served our country so bravely. As is customary, all grades from PreK to Grade 8 participated in the ceremony. Additionally this year, the new SJS choir with students from Grades 4-8, and members of the SJS Advanced Band participated.


After Grades 2 and 5 opened up with petition prayers, Veterans and all in attendance were asked to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the National Anthem.  Old Glory was then sang by Grades 3 and 7. A poignant moment came in the ceremony, when a table was set by 8th Graders symbolizing members of the military profession who have yet to return home (MIAs/POWs). Symbolisms such as the small table (to represent the frailty of the soldiers alone against oppression), a black napkin (to represent the sorrow of captivity), salt (to represent their families’ tears as they wait), a lemon (to remind of their bitter fate), an inverted glass (they cannot toast with us), and an empty chair (to represent they are missing) stirred strong emotion in all who attended.

Veterans Day 2017


PreK followed to thank the Veterans for their service with a thank you poem and sang “50 Stars”. Grades 1 and 6 joined together to sing “A Wonderful Land”. The 8th Grade reminded all that it is never too late to say thank you to our Veterans. They were followed by Kindergarten and Grade 4 as they recited the poem “They did their Share”. The SJS Choir then sang and played a salute to the Veterans as each branch of the Armed Forces stood as their song was played. This was followed by Grades 2 and 5 reciting an acoustic poem.

 The ceremony concluded with everyone singing “God Bless America” followed by Mother Elaine’s closing remarks, Fr. Martin’s blessing and Taps. We salute and are so grateful for our active service members and Veterans!