“Hero” Speech Contest Informs and Inspires

Jun 12 2017

This year’s annual Modern Woodman Speech Contest held on March 31st posed the question, “what does it mean to be a hero?” About one dozen 5th through 8th grade SJS students were selected to participate.

The students’ answers both delighted and delved deep into core values of our humanity. One student joked about his initial confusion when he found in the dictionary that a hero was a “large sandwich consisting of various meats and cheeses.” He went on to tell proudly and eloquently about how his father was a hero. Other students spoke of heroic qualities including the power of forgiveness; a caring heart that can change the world; courage, determination, perseverance, and selflessness; sharing a smile with a stranger in an awkward situation; and standing up to bullies. Several students told moving stories about the heroes of 9/11 such as Todd Beamer who rallied others on his flight to attack the hijackers on the plane headed for the Capitol, and the man with the red bandana who escorted many to safety in the South Tower.

The hero speeches both informed and inspired fellow students, teachers, and families about the power of small and large acts of kindness.

Click on the below images for more about some of the "Hero" speeches: