A Great SJS Tradition - Saints Alive presented by 3rd Grade

May 29 2017

It was a treat once again for St. John School students and parents to visit Saints Alive recently. This is an annual event showcased by Grade 3 where each student takes on the role of a saint of their choice. 

Having researched about the life of their saint, they prepared a script which encompassed all aspects of that saints life, such it's patronage, symbol, feast day and what made them holy and special. The students dressed up in saints costumes and set up a display with saint related props and a detailed poster board about their chosen saint. 

After much preparation, each student confidently presented their scripts and gave their visitors some new insights into the information they had researched. It is a wonderful SJS tradition that the presenting students and visitors all look forward to each year.  

Congratulations to a job well done and thank you to all of Grade 3 and Mrs. Papp! We are so proud of our “Saints”!