Wax Museum Day in 5th Grade!

Mar 9 2017

On Tuesday, March 7th, Mrs. Asborn’s 5th grade students got to test their standing stamina by posing as wax statues of their favorite historical or current-day person. Each student was charged first with reading an autobiography or biography of the person they admire, writing up a report, and creating a tri-fold with pictures and information about their selected person. Next, each student had to compile a costume that represents their selected person and pose as the wax museum representation while fellow students and parents came through to observe, read, and learn.

 The 5th Graders did a fabulous job and provided a new view of individuals from presidents to YouTubers, famous athletes and painters to name a few. There were two Katharine Hepburns! (After all, we are in Old Saybrook.) It was a great day for all, a great learning experience, and also a great way for Mrs. Ashborn to see how quiet she could get her 5th Grade Class to be for an afternoon ;) 

Stop by Mrs. Ashborn’s class to view the trifolds. You won’t be disappointed; the class did a fine job!

Back row- Alexandra Scott of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Wayne Gretzky, Kate Middleton, Malala, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Neil Armstrong, and Alexander Hamilton

Front row- Bethany Mota, Katharine Hepburn, David Beckham, Gabby Douglas, Florence Nightingale, Katharine Hepburn, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Sitting Bull, and Walt Disney

Wax Museum Slide Show: