• Apr 2 2018

    Easter Monday - No School

    April 2nd
  • Apr 3 2018

    Princess Whatsername Rehearsal - Dress Rehearsal - Full Cast

    April 3rd, 3pm — 6pm

    Drama Club

    Princess Whatsername Rehearsal - Dress Rehearsal - Full Cast

  • Apr 4 2018

    Princess Whatsername Rehearsal - School Performance

    April 4th

    Princess Whatsername Rehearsal - School Performance for SJS students in advance of public performance on Apr 5 & 6.

  • Apr 5 2018

    Princess Whatsername Performance

    April 5th, 6.30pm

    SJS is proud to announce the 2017/18 musical, “Princess Whatsername” will take place on April 5th & 6th, 2018. 

    SJS Gymnasium

  • Apr 6 2018

    First Friday - Early Dismissal - 1pm

    April 6th
  • Princess Whatsername Performance

    April 6th, 6.30pm

    SJS is proud to announce the 2017/18 musical, “Princess Whatsername” will take place on April 5th & 6th, 2018. 

    SJS Gymnasium

  • First Friday Mass

    April 6th, 9.15am

    All are welcome.  Coffee hour will follow, hosted by 1st Grade.

    1st Grade will prepare the liturgy.

    Mass Servers: Michael Kollmer, Sadie Laurie, Joseph Poeschl


  • Apr 10 2018

    Essex Winter Series Performs at SJS

    April 10th, 1.45pm — 2.45pm

    Essex Winter Series have announced that they will once again perform at SJS in the gymnasium as part of their Community Outreach program. Please see details on last year's event.

  • Apr 11 2018

    Lifetouch Spring Portraits

    April 11th

    Location: St. John School Gym

    Optional "dress up" pictures.

  • Apr 13 2018

    Saints Alive

    April 13th, 1:30pm

    Location: Grade 3 Classroom

    Third Grade presents the annual "Saints Alive."  All are welcome to attend.

  • Apr 16 2018

    Spring Break

    April 16th
  • Basket Bash RSVP Deadline

    April 16th

    SJS 2nd Annual Basket Bash Raffle & Live Auction takes place on Friday, April 27th from 6.30-9.30pm. Please see here for more details on the event.

    April 16th is the RSVP deadline.

    Come join in a fun night with fellow parents, family and friends to celebrate and fundraise for the benefit of our school and children!

  • Apr 17 2018

    Spring Break

    April 17th
  • Apr 18 2018

    Spring Break

    April 18th
  • Apr 19 2018

    Spring Break

    April 19th
  • Apr 20 2018

    Spring Break

    April 20th
  • Apr 23 2018

    School Resumes

    April 23rd
  • Modern Woodmen of America Speech Contest

    April 23rd, TBD

    Location: SJS Gymnasium

    SJS students participate in Modern Woodmens Speech of American Contest. 

    For details on 2017 contest see here

  • Apr 25 2018

    MIDDLE SCHOOL Open House

    April 25th

    Come along to the St. John School Middle School Open House on April 25, 2018 at 6.30pm. You are invited to a presentation by Middle School teachers to hear about "Educating the Whole Child" from Grade 6 to Grade 8.

    The Middle School at St John School combines a challenging curriculum with a supportive environment which prepares each student for success in High School. Most years, St. John School students are the recipients of scholarships for local High Schools. 2018 is no exception. Please see here for details on the 2018 recipients. We congratulate them once again!

    Faculty, students and alumni will be on hand to answer your questions and provide information about what to expect at St John School Middle School. If you are a prospective famliy and wish to tour St. John School on the Middle School Open House, tour guides will also be available.

    See Middle School Overview in Teacher's Pages section of this website.

    To arrange a private tour or to enroll your child to experience a shadow day, please call the school office at 860-388-0849.

    All are welcome!

  • Apr 27 2018

    2nd Annual St. John School Basket Bash Raffle & Live Auction

    April 27th, 6.30pm — 9.30pm

    Location: St. John School Gymnasium





    The Basket Bash Raffle and Live Auction is a new affordable, inclusive venue to raise money and to advance St. John's Curriculum and access to new technology.



  • Uniform Order and Fitting Day

    April 27th, 8:30am — 10:30am

    Donnellys Uniform will be at St. John School to measure students and take orders for uniforms for next academic year. Flyers will be available in the Wednesday envelope the weeks prior. For SJS uniform information and Donnelly's website click here